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Lifesize Double Sided Fox Targets – Pack of 5

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Life Sized, Reversible Fox Targets – perfect for checking what your rifle is really doing at longer ranges!

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We designed these targets for Fox Shooters so you can shoot at your quarry – rather than just a dot on a piece of paper.

Dots on paper are great for zeroing your rifle – but what happens at 300 yards? Missing a dot by 2 inches doesn’t mean it’s not a kill. With these targets, you can see where you’re hitting based on where you aimed!

Key Features:

  • Double sided – with all aim points on left hand side of paper so that when you turn over, the aim points are all “hole free”
  • Life sized – so you can put it out at 300 yards and aim at the intended target, rather than just a dot on a bit of paper and get a better idea of what a fox looks like at ranges.
  • Addditional 3”, 2” and 1” circles on target to check grouping
  • Printed on quality matt coated 200gsm paper
  • Sheet size is 590 x 840 – best stapled, pinned or taped to a ply (or similar) board
  • Sold in packs of 5 for £14