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We guarantee you’ll be amazed at just how steady these sticks are – seriously…
You will NOT be disappointed and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

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Probably the best value, steadiest shooting sticks available…

As anyone in the UK knows right now, the ground underfoot is extremely wet. The luxury of putting the rifle on a bipod and shooting prone at those longer range foxes is a luxury we just don’t have (unless you like laying in mud…) so we set out to find a solution…

Decoy is well known for its high quality, adjustable shooting sticks – These quad sticks are just incredibly steady. Providing support at two points for your rifle, they offer an extremely stable shooting position.

The Benefits…

  • Extremely steady and robust
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight
  • Quick to use
  • Very Stable

You know we wouldn’t try and sell you something that didn’t give you a real advantage over Charlie – these certainly do… We’ve used bipod sticks in the past and whilst they provide a steadier shot than “off hand” they still require a lot of practice. We’ve asked a number of people to try these sticks and without exception, they have been amazed at just how steady they are…

The first time my regular shooting partner used them was across a stubble field where he shot two rabbits – both at around 180 yards… Headshot! Try doing that off-hand!

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Black, Erase Camo

3 reviews for Seeland Decoy Quad Shooting Sticks

  1. Gordon Turner.

    I purchased a set of the Decoy Quad sticks from Best Fox Call – they are one of the best accessories of shooting equipment that I have ever purchased, I am seventy years of age and can no longer manage to get down on the ground to use a bipod, and these sticks have certainly extended my rifle shooting hobby for for years to come. And very steady to use for my long range shooting.

  2. Robert Harvey

    When these first arrived, I was all for returning them as soon as possible. I couldn’t get on with them and quickly became frustrated. I have persevered and find I completely agree with Mike Wilson’s review, and am now an avid fan of quad sticks. Although there are some areas I am not happy with – The Go Low cradles for instance, which afford far too much flex to be of any use in a sitting position, and the fact that the front and rear cradles require frequent tightening of their screws to avoid sudden drops at the extremes of your rifle’s travel left or right. Other than that, they are light and easy to carry and have transformed my shooting. I originally thought they would be fantastic if each pair of legs had ‘cogs’ moulded into them to allow the legs to open symmetrically like a pair of compasses or pantograph arms but of course that would not be helpful on side slopes. Those of you familiar with Andrew Venables will find his advice on Quad Sticks enlightening. I have practised his technique religiously with my 22LR and find I can achieve remarkable levels of accuracy and therefore greater levels of confidence which can only help, and which also reflects in my results with the 223. They can be cumbersome to carry and I would definitely advocate the use of a sling on the rifle, but the advantages clearly outweigh any negative aspects. I wouldn’t be without them.

  3. blacksmithbob

    I bought a pair of these about a month or so ago. They arrived the very next day. Great service from BFC!

    I must admit to serious disappointment when I first tried them, but constant practice has paid dividends.

    I had spent some time googling how to use quad sticks before I bought them, and found an excellent youtube video from Andrew Venables (WMS Firearms) who recommends the viper flex sticks, which were out of my budget. His preferred method is to stand very erect and rest the rearmost ‘leg’ on your stomach, and keep your legs quite far apart. After some experimenting and disappointment, I now find an adaptation of his technique to work very well, although adjusting the sticks to keep myself as upright as possible. Suffice it to say that every shot in the field will be different, and by virtue of their design, they can be tricky to keep swinging round and position if your quarry is jittery. but for a stable shooting platform, they are excellent and really boost my confidence. The front ‘shelf’ is both a blessing and a curse in that whilst it offers the ability to ‘track’ your target, the rifle’s weight can cause the shelf to drop suddenly at the extremities of travel. Tightening the screws helps but doesn’t eradicate this problem. Anyone familiar with a pair of draughtsmen’s compasses may remember the legs have ‘teeth’ on each leg which mesh together keeping the spine perfectly vertical. That would be a splendid addition but of course, would only work on level ground so the design is a compromise which, when one gets used to it, is acceptable. So overall, I would cheerfully recommend these. As with everything, practice makes perfect. The more time spent on them, the better you get. It’s as simple as that. All in all, I wouldn’t be without them.

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