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Z-Aim Pro Stalker Rifle Sling

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£35.00 (Price ex VAT: £29.17 )

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But the good news is, we’ve found you an alternative!

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Designed in Sweden, the Z-Aim Sling is probably the most secure, comfortable sling money can buy – and at only £33 delivered, it’s not going to break the bank either.

Note: You will require 2 x 1″ Quick Release Swivels to attach the sling to your rifle.

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You will need a set of QD Swivels with this product – ORDER SOME HERE.

Designed in Sweden, the Z-Aim Sling is probably the most secure, comfortable sling money can buy – and at only £33 delivered, it’s not going to break the bank either.

The unique additional strap attaches to the rifle stock and clips to the sling across your chest holding your rifle steady and secure, as well as taking most of the weight.

Quickly and easily adjustable non-slip system.

See our demo here…

Pro-Stalker positions your rifle in a stable and firm position on your back keeping both hands free to concentrate on calling / lamping.

Z-aim Pro-Stalker is a top quality product; made of UV and cold proof material in buckles and straps.

The shoulder strap is of 11 mm thick and 65 mm broad Neoprene with ends of real leather.

All straps and endings are cross-stitched to reach maximum possible strength. No metal components are used, to avoid unnecessary noise.

The weight is no more than 150 grams. Simply a superb and innovative piece of kit that will be money well spent.

Price includes standard delivery within the UK.

Note: You will require 2 x 1″ Quick Release Swivels to attach the sling to your rifle.

9 reviews for Z-Aim Pro Stalker Rifle Sling

  1. Alan Ireland

    The z-Aim pro stalker sling is one of the best rifle slings on the market .
    First and foremost the sling is well made of a top quality material and the makers of the z-aim only had one thing in mind when designing the sling { hunters }
    The z-aim sling is designed to sit snug and tight on you back to free up your hand while out in the field so you have total control of your hands to use your binoculars and carry your viper flex stick and not have to worry about you gun slipping of you shoulder when walking or using other equipment.
    The z-aim is so versatile and quick to release from your body its unbelievable .
    1 Very comfortable
    2 well designed
    3 nicely priced
    4 super fitting
    5 simply to use

  2. Richard Doran (coco jenkins)

    Best bit of kit I’ve bought for a while. Makes carrying your rifle a whole lot easier and frees up both hands to allow use of binoculars and opening gates and the like. I would have one on all my guns if I could. Highly reccomend this sling to anyone who covers alot of ground whilst out.

  3. Allen

    You don’t know your rifle is there best thing I’ve ever had. Your hands are free for anything you like, you dont have to put the gun down and risk it falling over . Definitely five star.

  4. Graham O’sullivan

    After a very expensive lesson I purchased the z aim sling .had normal sling on my rifle and was out on the foxes alot of my ground I cover on foot,after stumbling forward on a bank my rifle slipped off my shoulder and my scope and night vision took a very expensive fall onto a tree stump.since purchasing the z aim I have fallen more than once but it has only resulted in bruised pride. The way the sling is designed means you can use hands free for gate opening or view through thermal or binoculars without thinking of it slipping off your shoulder. The quick release catch is very easy to operate and easy to shoulder your gun.can honestly say it does what it says on the tin I swap between both my rifles and have never had a problem with it, as it is very well made and durable definitely recommend and won’t break the bank or your scope

  5. William Foster

    Absolutely love my Z-Aim sling it’s simply amazing , it frees up both hands and makes carrying your rifle a piece of cake.
    I cover alot of ground on foot while foxing and it leaves my hands free to use a spotter. Also it’s way more comfortable than my previous “normal ” sling I had before.
    Plus it’s essential when I deer stalk as my .308 is a heavy barrel version and I always use the ZAim sling on it.
    Extremely reliable
    Extremely comfortable
    Extremely affordable
    5 stars

  6. Dave Kay

    I would love a Z- aim to review.

    • robc

      You know what to do Dave!

  7. David Nelson

    Read the reviews, thought let’s try one. It’s great. Makes walking around much easier. A good buy and worth the money

  8. Paul

    I have a heavy custom rifle with all the attachments this sling makes it so much easier to carry especially at night gives me free hands to carry sticks and my chair simple but very practical carry sling

  9. John Morrow (verified owner)

    I must admit this bit of kit is everything it proclaims to be, if you are undertaking any amount of walking around, it makes life so much easier. Its simple and straight forward to use but keeps everything safe and secure. its a must have trust me

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