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GC300 1, Charlie 0

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I took the Icotec GC300 caller out for an airing last evening. Set it up at about 50 yards out into the field and about 100 yards from my vantage point. Had some initial fun calling in carrion crows using the ‘baby crow distress’ call. They circled round and round, calling back to it every time it went off! The wind dropped off and the light started to fade. I heard a fox bark once, a long way down the valley, on another farm. I’d set the caller on ‘Cottontail distress’ and was running it on short blasts within about 10 mins in between.

The caller had just finished doing its thing and I’d just switched it off when a fox came belting out of the cover to my right, dead in line with the caller, and ran right past it at full pelt! When he’d gone another 30 yards I thought I’d better try and get his attention or he’d be gone over the horizon! I gave him a squeak and he stopped dead in his tracks and just stared in my direction. That was my cue to send the little 35 grain V-max from the .22 Hornet right between his eyes.

It was lights out for foxy.

So, after that little episode, I’m inclined to think the Icotec GC300 caller works pretty well!

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