So you’re looking for a set of Quad Sticks… The range from Mjoelner Huniting cover all the bases and the table below shows you the core difference. For more detailed information, click on the “VIEW PRODUCT” button at the bottom of each column.

Common Features

All models offer:

  • Extremely stable shooting platform
  • Quiet operation
  • Silicone “rifle straps” that secure your rifle to the cradles
  • Paracord “5th Leg” allowing hands free operation whilst scanning with binos or thermal
  • The usual BFC backup and suppport!
    inc UK delivery
    Based on Fenris I - but with three part legs for east travelling
    3 Part Aluminium Legs
    Carry Bag
    Adjustable Feet Sections
    150-175cms (using 3 sections)
    105-130cms (using 2 sections)
    Silicone Rifle Straps
    Paracord "5th Leg"
    inc UK delivery
    The Mark II Quads
    2 Part Aluminium Legs
    Additional Leg Sections for greater height
    160 cms (using 3 leg sections)
    172 cms (using 2 leg sections)
    Silicone Rifle Straps
    Paracord "5th Leg"
    inc UK delivery
    Super Light Weight Mark II Quads
    2 Part Carbon Fibre Legs
    Weight 750gms
    Additional Leg Sections for greater height
    160 cms (using 3 sections)
    172 cms (using extensions)
    Silicone Rifle Straps
    Paracord "5th Leg"

What’s the difference..? Watch the video!

Quad Sticks – FAQs

The Fenris range of Quads from Mjoelner Hunting offer (in our opinion) the best value Quads on the market. As steady as others costing up to three times as much, these really do offer great value for money.

The Fenris Sticks are as stable as VF sticks. The main difference between FENRIS and VF is that the Fenris Sticks are mass produced – whereas the VF are hand finished and engineered to a higher standard. It’s a bit like comparing a SKODA and a VW… Both will get you from A to B in comfort – but it could be argued that the VW is a little more refined. Will you shoot better off VF – in our opinion, no.

Inevitably there are copies of the Mjoelner Sticks out there – but none feature the silicone rifle straps for a start. The owner of Mjoelner has been developing (and continues to develop) excellent products for the hunting market.