PLEASE NOTE: These are instructions for a PC. If you are using a MAC things are a bit different – so follow the MAC instructions by: CLICKING HERE

1. Your GC350 / GC500 will play any sound files that are formatted as .MP3, .WAV or the encrypted .ICO files (that can be found at

2. On your computer, locate all of the files you plan to load on to the Gen 2 GC500 or GC350 and place them in a new folder and name it “Gen2 GC500 New Sounds” (Or use the name GC350 if Your ICOtec is a GC350).

3. You will then need to rename your files. Begin with 001 then add a space and then the call name. You have up to 21 characters total which includes the three digit number and the space.

If loading for a GC350, then the three digit number will determine which button the call plays on – so 001 Rabbit.mp3 would play on button, 019 Hare.mp3 would play on button 19 and so on. For the GC500, the numbers reflect the order in which the calls will be displayed on the remote.

Once you have renamed all of the files you are ready to copy them over to the Caller’s SD card.

4. Either use the provided USB cable to connect the Gen 2 GC500 or GC350 to your computer or remove the SD card from the caller and insert into the SD card reader of your computer. You will see an external drive appear on your computer screen. It will appear under the Computer Drives on a PC.

5. Open the drive and you will see the call files that were provided with your Gen 2 GC500 or GC350. These files are encrypted and cannot be shared or played on any other device. We recommend copying all of the provided calls to a “Gen 2 GC500 (or GC350) Back Up Folder” so you will not lose them if you accidently delete them from your unit.

6. Now that your NEW call files are named and numbered you will need to copy them to your GC500 or GC350 SD card. We recommend you purchase a new SD card for the new sound files and remove the disk that came with the unit to preserve the files should you decide to use them in the future.

7. If you are satisfied with the numbering order – copy all of the files on to the SD card.

8. When the files are finished copying you may select eject and unplug the unit from your computer. Place the SD card into the unit. For the GC350, no synchronisation is required.

9. For the GC500, you will need to “sync” the caller to your remote. To do this, first Switch the caller and remote on. Insert one end of the SYN cable into the port of your caller and then insert the other end of the SYNC cable into the port on the left side of the remote.

After a couple of seconds, the screen will show “Updating Sounds” – and above this, you will see the display scroll through the calls that are being added to the remote. Once all calls are added, the display will flash “OK” 10 times – and then return to your (now updated) call list.

Switch everything off – and unplug the cable. Power the remote and the base unit back up – and your remote and base unit should now be synced with each other.