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The Fenris Quad Sticks from Mjoelner Hunting…

Introducing the range!

How to deploy!

Check out the LATEST ICOtec CALLERS…

The NEW GEN2 GC350!

The NEW GEN2 GC500!

The NEW ICOtec Outlaw!

The NEW ICOtec NightStalker!

Check out the SNIPER HOG!

The BLAZE Fox Caller

It’s like a TENTERFIELD – but it’s HANDSFREE

THE ICOTec Pheasant Distress Call

This call is a must have around your pheasant pens

The SLY and The Wicked Vixen

So what’s the difference between the Sly and The Wicked Vixen?

GC500 vs GC350

So what’s the difference between the GC500 and the GC350?

AD400 Decoy – First Blood

First outing in the UK for the AD400 Decoy

Crops down in Cambridgeshire

A night out around Cambridgeshire with Eddie and Charlie Hunter

GC500 Remote Range Test

Paul tests out the GC500 Remote Range – Check out the results here!

Home Turf – Herefordshire Foxing

With lambing season in full swing, Rob and Nick are on fox stake out

Foxing in Kent

Foxing in Kent with the legendary Hunter Eddie and Cai Ap Bryn

How to blow the SS

Mike from Worcester shares his tips for getting a note from the SS!

Par for the Course

Foxing in Dorset with Tim Lester of Lester Bird and Pest Solutions

Calling a fox down under!

Grant shows us the SS and Original callers work down under too!

The Best Fox Call SS in Action

Filmed using some night vision, watch how this fox comes in to the Best Fox Call SS

Calling a fox with the Best Fox Call Original

Warning – this video does show a fox being shot

Roy Lupton Shooting Foxes

Roy Lupton gets up close and personal with some local foxes

Roy Lupton Calling Foxes

Roy shows how he calls foxes – fascinating viewing

Best Fox Call Founder, Rob Crampton

Rob talks about the Best Fox Call SS – how it came about and how to blow it…

Rob Crampton Interviewed

James Marchington interviews Rob Crampton, founder and owner of Best Fox Call.

This fox was first spotted at around 170 yards and called in to around 25 yards with the Best Fox Call Original

Hunter Eddie and The Best Fox Call Original

Hunter Eddie and The Best Fox Call SS

The ICOtec GC300 on Crows

Please be aware that in the UK it is illegal to use electronic calls to call in crows if you intend to shoot them. This video is for demonstration purposes only.

Roy Lupton has a good round!

Roy and Darren have a great round on the golf course using our calls