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Outstanding product and excellent service. Thanks!

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Some great feedback from a recent customer – thanks Dan!

Since receiving my call the day after I placed the order I’ve been out with it 3 times.
Twice for the last hour of light and once this evening after dark. The daylight sessions were on a permission where the foxes are heavily controlled and very wary. I had a show each time although neither fox was shootable. The foxes on that ground are as cagey and cautious as they come and I was really impressed.

This evening, on another piece of ground where they’ve been left alone, but have caused some problems lately, the results were fantastic. Two foxes turned up within seconds. I shot one and retrieved it as the other had disappeared. After an hour or so I went back to the same field to see if the other fox was around. I wasn’t very confident of getting a result as it knew what was going on by now. I blew the call no more than a dozen times and had a scan of the field and the second fox from earlier was coming in, although it was obviously very wary. It didn’t like the lamp and was heading away again but I stopped it with the call long enough to get a shot off at around 100 yards. It just couldn’t ignore it!

A dog and vixen in the bag with only around 20 calls in total.

I’ve found it works best for me without covering the sides up with my fingers and the tip of my tongue right near the edge of the small hole.

I suppose that’s the good thing about it, different people make different sounds with it.

It beats everything else I’ve tried hands down so far.

Outstanding product and excellent service. Thanks!

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