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Seeland Decoy Quad Sticks… Amazing Product…

Many people often ask what our favourite call is… Or which is the “Best Fox Call”? The answer we normally give is that all our calls work – but the BEST one is the one that works on the night!

What’s not asked so often is “What’s your favourite bit of Foxing Kit?”

It’s hard to measure that – but currently, we love the Seeland Decoy Quad Sticks… For the money, we think they’re probably the best value Quads on the market and many customers have told us they’ve doubled their fox count as a result of using them.

Giving two points of rest for your rifle, shooting off Quads allows ultra steady shots from incredible ranges – we’ve regularly shot foxes at 200+ yards off these sticks and are happy to zero off them at 100 yards.

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