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Shooting Insurance – 10 Reasons To Choose Gunplan through ClubFoxer

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Why do you need Specialist Shooting Insurance?

Many shooters mistakenly rely on their household insurance rather than specialist gun insurance to cover their shooting equipment. Unfortunately, in most cases, household insurance won’t cover incidents outside of the home such as those at the gun club, at a shoot or in transit. With Specialist Shooting Insurance, you have better cover both inside and outside the home and you avoid raising your household premium if you do happen to make a claim.

Gunplan insures most types of shooting activities including clay pigeon shooting, target shooting, archery and wildfowling. Cover is available for a range of guns and shooting equipment such as rifles, shotguns, air rifles and bows.

Others join shooting membership organisations to get cover – but these are often expensive and come with added extras you may not need or care about. If it’s shooting insurance you’re after, why pay extra? Gunplan is unique because our policies are very flexible, meaning you can select the exact cover you need.

10 reasons to buy Gunplan specialist shooting insurance

1. Get £10m Personal Liability cover for less than £20 per year
Personal Liability covers you should you damage property or injure another person whilst shooting. Unlike some insurers, Gunplan’s flexible policies allow you to select Personal Liability for just £25 per year if that’s the only kind of protection you need.

2. Get a free personalised Personal Liability confirmation card
You can easily provide evidence of your Personal Liability cover when you attend a shoot with our handy personalised card.

3. Enjoy up to £50,000 in Personal Accident cover
Cover provided under Personal Accident includes: Death, Loss of Limbs, Loss of Hearing, Loss of Sight, Partial Loss of Hearing, Partial loss of Sight and Permanent Total Disablement.

4. Receive up to £50,000 cover for theft and accidental damage of shooting equipment
Cover provided is for theft and accidental damage of your shooting equipment. Shooting equipment includes guns, ammunition, bows, crossbows, arrows, telescopic sights, clothing and accessories.

5. Legal expenses cover up to £100,000 available
You can choose legal expenses cover of up to £100,000 to challenge:
Refusal to grant or renew shotgun or firearm certificate
Revocation or refusal to vary a firearms certificate
Partial revocation of a firearms certificate
Conditions imposed on a firearm or shotgun certificate

6. ‘New for Old’
‘New for old’ comes as standard on guns and shooting equipment that are under three years old.

7. Free shooting equipment hire
In the event of a claim for theft or accidental damage, we include free shooting equipment hire up to £200 to see you through until your new gun arrives.

8. Enjoy automatic cover if you take part in more than one type of shooting
With Gunplan, you’ll be covered for participating in a variety of shooting activities, ranging from driven and rough shooting, through to clay pigeon and target shooting – all under one policy.

9. There’s no need to list every item of your shooting equipment
We know that entering model names and numbers for every item in your shooting equipment is a laborious task, especially if you change your equipment regularly. With Gunplan, you don’t have to. Simply enter the total value of your shooting equipment on the ‘Get a Quote’ page for an instant shooting insurance quote.

10. Worldwide shooting insurance available
Heading off for a shoot abroad? Select our Worldwide cover option and you can take your policy with you to almost any country in the world.

and… what’s more – as a CLUBFOXER member, you’ll receive 30% discount on ALL Gunplan policies…


With the correct protection, our gun insurance lets you focus on your shooting without having to worry about what-ifs and potential mishaps. It’s quick and easy to get your shooting insurance quote, so try Gunplan today and see how affordable peace of mind can be.

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