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The Shooting Village Comes to The Game Fair

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For the 4th year running, BestFoxCall is hosting The Shooting Village at The Game Fair held at Hatfield House (26th to 28th July 2019).

Showing in The Shooting Village will be BestFoxCall, BestDeerCall, Tom’s Targets, Tidepool, Night Vision UK, Moss Leather Goods, Bailey’s Shooting & Clothing and Blue Mountain Forge. These companies will be bringing a whole range of products to the show all aimed at the shooting industry.

Blue Mountain Forge will be showcasing new knives with bone handles that are carved with images of stags and bears using a hand engraved scrimshaw technique. Tidepool will be featuring its full range of Sillosock decoys for Pigeons, Crows, Geese and Duck. Tom’s Targets will be looking for customer feedback on its new thermal zeroing target. Night Vision UK will be offering its add on kits and the Infinity 2 spotter unit that was reviewed on Channel 5’ The Gadget Show. BestFoxCall will be showcasing its new Mjoelner range of Quad Sticks, the new generation of ICOtec electronic callers and SniperHog torches. Moss Leather Goods, Bailey’s Shooting and Clothing and BestDeerCall will be highlighting leather shooting accessories, Shooter King Clothing, Viper-flex Quad Sticks and Vorn Backpacks. All this plus the standard ranges of shooting items usually offered for sale through these companies.

Says Rob Crampton, BestFoxCall’s Director, “This is the 4th year running now we’ve been able to provide an opportunity to small traders to have a stand at The Game Fair. It has been a very successful idea and I’m hoping The Shooting Village will continue at The Game Fair for many years to come”.

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