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Unlucky for some – great for Kevin!

Following his initial feedback about his GC500, Kevin in Tewkesbury has been in touch with the following tale…

“It was a dark, cloudy Saturday evening when we ventured across the sheep fields again in advance of the Lambing season. This area is a hot spot for foxes as the hillside only really lends itself to Sheep farming; the slopes are too steep to make other farming viable. The upper fields are difficult to hunt as the wind eddies around so shots nearly always have to be taken at 120yds and more. Using the ‘add-on’ NV on the .243 we set up the caller and scanned the area. We chose the ‘high pitched rabbit squeal’ and within 2 minutes a Dog Fox turned up and was heading into the wind and towards the caller. We switched the caller off to allow us time to ready the shot and to slow him down; it worked a treat.

He was soon circling round trying to locate the source of the call. We barked at him and as he turned his head towards us the shot was placed. Entering just behind the fore-leg and exiting through the chest. A good looking Fox was dropped on the spot. We examined him properly and found him to be in excellent condition and probably 2-3 years old. As we headed off home for a brew we called the farmer and let him know that there would be one less Lamb thief to consider. He was suitably pleased.

The GC500 has now accounted for 6 Fox since I bought it; I’ve shot 11 in that time but 6 are directly attributable to the GC500. I’m really pleased with it. The results across the Sheep fields have been excellent. We have started Lambing now and I will be patrolling the ‘let-out’ fields and poly tunnels and can’t wait to use the Orphan Lamb call; the high seats are set-up ready.”

Kevin, Tewkesbury