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Great Tips on using Electronic Callers…

We recently asked some UK ICOtec Owners for their tips and tricks when using electronic callers – so thought we’d share some of the little gems with you all… You can join the ICOtec UK and Ireland Owners Group on Facebook by CLICKING HERE

“Don’t go to high with the volume and try and set it out around the 100 yard mark so if a fox tries to wind you he has to go the long way round to get there and gives you more time to get a shot off”

“Not too much volume, and make sure the wind is blowing TOWARDS you and the caller. If it’s blowing away the fox will smell you as it comes towards the caller. Caller generally about 50-100 metres away is best and BE QUIET, as they can still hear you too”

“Try and work with your surroundings to which call to try like if lot of pheasnt on ground try distress call or on pig farm piglet distress try match it to a natural call there”

“Match the call to the surrounding s, and have spare batteries in a pack just in case”

“Give it time to work for you and try the ones you think will never work – you might be surprised “

“Give the call 2-5 minutes, then 5 minutes off, and repeat. Generally you can get a fox come almost immediately, or it might take 2-3 hours LOL. Fox shooting is never “guaranteed” kills, unless you use bait and trail cams, then you can be sure the foxes are coming, and the time they are there. It’s not sporting, but it’s effective control, whereas using callers is sporting”

“Location location location high ground is always a good idea there’s no point putting your caller out 100 yards in front of you if the fox is going to want to come over the hedge behind you if you no your land you should have a good idea where your fox runs are and where he will be coming from wood or thick cover don’t over use any one call in an area as a fox will soon learn to ignore it and most important has to be volume the loudest I play mine is 3 even on a good windy night”

“Does anyone else put a bit of tape over the red on light, I hate to see it glowing back at me through the NV”

“Dont forget to mute the call when the fox is in a shootable position. I forgot to do this when i first started using callers. Even shouting Oi! etc wouldnt stop the fox as it was focused on the call.”

“Another one for getting the fox to stop is whistle, he will stop long enough to put him down , always works for me”

“Note down the numbers and name your favourite calls and tape them onto the side of the caller or back of the remote…..saves time when you pick up a set of eyes.”