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My first fox thanks to your callers

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I purchased your wonderful ‘Best Fox Call’ call a couple of weeks ago on ebay and as i mentioned in previous correspondance, i was delighted with the service i recieved from you and totally smitten with the quality of the product.

I am very new to fox shooting as i have only just been issued with my first Firearms Certificate. I have opted for the .17HMR as i do a great deal of rabbit control and i was confidently assured that this round would have no trouble humanely killing a fox up to 100yrds.

On my first outing with the callers walking my dog (without my rifle) i decided i would have a practice blow. After 3 minutes of blowing, i was amazed as 3 foxes all from different directions started coming towards me. All stopped well within shooting range and sat up listening to the sound, trying to decide where and what it was. One Dog fox came within about 30yrds of me before smelling my scent (or that of my dog) and running off! If only i had taken my rifle!!!! I was absolutely gob smacked, i never in a million years thought that these callers would be so effective. What amazed me was the distance it pulled the foxes from, i could see one of them coming from 2 large fields away!

With so much excitement about your product i couldn’t wait to get out and properly ‘field test’ it with rifle at hand! Today i went out to a permission i have that sits on 15 acres of sheep grazing land between two chicken farms….YES Fox heaven!! The owner had told me of a Dog Fox he sees everyday in the morning walking between the chicken farms across his fields. This fox has also taken one of his lambs, and he was pretty annoyed by it!

So the hunt was on, he wanted this fox accounted for no matter what!

I asked him where this fox usually is seen, and I took up a slightly elevated position on a raised bank. After i got comfortable with my positioning and my bi-pod i resisted the urge to pop off at a few bunnies and told myself it would be worth the wait for Mr Fox. I pulled up the best fox call from around my neck and started to blow and squeak. I need not have worried about waiting long because TWO minutes later after a few bursts of squeaking who showed up?….. none other than the Mr dog fox himself. I watched carefully as he trotted through the field in front of me. He stopped every ten steps or so, listening for the next squeak (of which i kindly obliged). The shot was safe when he was about 100yrds straight out in front of me. As he stood still listening for the next sound i took a breath in and gently squeezed the trigger very confident of my shot placement into his chest cavity. He dropped like a stone, without so much as a kick.

The excited fast walk (almost run) to my prize seemed like a lifetime as this was my first ever fox!! I was so pleased i immediately sent the landowner a picture message saying ‘job done’ and he replied with a big smiley face 🙂 In fact he was so pleased he has offered me some more permission to shoot on, and he assures me there is more where that one came from! What a result. The fun didn’t stop there i then bagged another 3 bunnies before returning home an hour later for a Sunday roast dinner!! “If Carlsberg made days…..today would be one of them”!!!

So i would really like to thank you Best Fox Call, i have the Original and the SS and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be buying the Hen caller very soon, i am astounded by their functionality. I predict i will be shooting a lot more foxes with the invaluable help of your callers for a long time to come.

From a very very pleased customer, and your biggest fan – Ross

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