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Best Fox Call Original

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only £10 inc UK P&P

The original fox call from BestFoxCall offers you a lightweight, versatile call that can be “blown” hands free and can produce a wide range of sounds at low and high volumes. Unlike some calls that require hours of practice, the original BestFoxCall is extremely simple to use and you'll be calling in foxes quicker than you might think.

Hear the Best Fox Call Original Now…

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If you want to get the attention of a fox, then try this call.

A tried and tested caller that has accounted for thousands of foxes…

You’ve probably tried many different types of fox calls in the past – with a varying degree of success. The original fox call from BestFoxCall offers you a lightweight, versatile call that can be “blown” hands free and can produce a wide range of sounds at low and high volumes. Unlike some calls that require hours of practice, the original BestFoxCall is extremely simple to use and you’ll be calling in foxes quicker than you might think.

There are many benefits of the BestFoxCall fox caller, including:

  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof, hardwearing and tough
  • Versatile – high / low volume – high / low pitch
  • Affordable
  • Deadly effective
  • British made
  • Hands-free operation

The original Best Fox Call has been designed to be tough, lightweight, reliable and above all easy to use. It’s particularly good at the quieter, close-up work.

Hear the Best Fox Call Original Now…

Both the Stainless Steel and Original BestFoxCalls are manufactured in the Midlands (Great Britain) and are not cheap Chinese copies. All parts for the Original BestFoxCall and are manufactured here in the UK.

Our callers have been used for several years and we have thousands of very satisfied customers.

16 reviews for Best Fox Call Original

  1. mattyk

    i dont own any bestfox calls yet but after seeing me cousin use his its on my hristmas list

  2. Ross

    This call is also an absolute MUST. Its easy to use, easy to carry and as you would expect great quality. It allows you to make a multitude of different pitch sounds with total ease, and fools ‘Charlie’ where other calls often fail.
    What I particularly like about this call is the ‘hands free’ operation, allowing you to use both hands for the shot. Another faultless and affordable product as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Paul Hart

    A really simple to use call and it gives a very realistic injured rabbit squeek. Definitely worth having one around your neck when out looking for foxes.

  4. Burt Breakwell

    Great, simple ,cheap and easy to use fox call. Had my for years now and still pulling foxes in, cubs and old un’s. after listening to all the other different calls and stories of the foxes running in it is only a matter of time before you want to upgrade to one of them.

  5. John Atherden

    This old school fox call is just as important to me as remembering to take my ammo! With all the modern new funky ways to call a fox, there always needs to be one that just produces a normal squeak. It lets you blow a wide range of squeaks, and its my main tool for making a running fox ‘turn and look’ (theres always one that runs, and you NEED to turn it around) Couldn’t recommend it more!

  6. jack sanderson

    This call is a pleasure to use and is brilliant for loud calling or subtle close range squeaks. I wouldn’t go out without it. First class call and a first class service from this site

  7. Anthony barnett

    Have had mine for years too many to remember how long to be exact. Wouldn’t leave home with out it, have had lots of foxes with – would recommend it to anybody strong reliable and worth every penny 🙂

  8. Darren Rogers

    Being the most ham fisted, tone deaf fox caller on the planet, I decided to invest in one of the original best fox calls. Years later, despite having a plethora of electronic calls, the best fox call original , is still the most reliable and easy to use call in my arsenal

  9. Darren Allen

    I own one of the original, first Best Fox Call, you know without the lanyard. Best mouth call by far. Used hands free so you can tweak it and still keep your eye on the fox and track him through your scope. I’ve shot quite a few foxes using this call and have been using it for a few years without the foxes becoming educated to it. Great also for shotgun shooting, again because of the hands free operation afforded by the small ridge along which you rest your teeth to keep it firmly in place. Surprisingly this call also attracts magpies, crows and even squirrels. I’ve had many a fruitful day controlling these pests using the Best Fox Call in conjunction with an air rifle. Best Fox Call = Best tenner ever spent 😉

  10. stuart pike

    i have been usuing a best fox call here in devon for 5 years now.i find it really easy and effective even on the most cunning of foxes,i like the fact i can change the pitch and the volume simple by biting and blowing harder,you can look through the scope as you squeek so you can watch the fox and how he reacts when your calling.novice or professional? this is the first caller i reach for .

  11. Dave Corneby

    To go out fox shooting without the original fox caller would be like going out shooting without a gun !
    The different tones and volumes you can achieve with this call is only limited by your creativity

  12. John Harvey

    We have used this call very successfully now for some time and are lost when we forget to put in our pockets. Nothing else matches it.

  13. Ian haswell

    I never leave reviews unless I’m very impressed, and I am. I ordered one of the original and a wham caller At about 2 o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Received an email within about 5 minutes saying my order had been processed and despatched. They were on my door mat at 9-30 on the sat morning. Great website and super fast delivery, products are spot on too. Top marks.

  14. Harry Wenden

    Superb product. The most realistic predator call I’ve ever used. If imitated, it will also call in nearby muntac! I highly recommend.

  15. Paul Maguire

    Over the years I have bought most commercial fox callers on the market.
    I still however still revert back to the first one I bought …The Origional Best Fox Caller…its just so handy to use and has lured many a fox to its tones, you simply stick it between your teeth, allowing hands free to deal with the job in hand, no messing about with switches, or batteries, throw it around your neck as you head out the door and its always handy.
    Over the years..I changed calibers, lamps and scopes…..after 15 years I still have my Origional Best Fox Caller

  16. Louis McKown

    I live in the suburbs and have a garden that I want to be protected. I used this call for about 15 minutes knowing that we have a fox living in the area. The fox came right in and was eating the leftover chicken I put out for it. Your call works great! I only used my phone to send it.

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