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Best Fox Call Stainless SS

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A devastating new caller that any fox controller shouldn’t be without…

only £14 inc UK P&P

Based on a design that has been used by thousands of fox shooters, the NEW Stainless Steel Best Fox Call has been developed by fox shooters – for fox shooters. Used all over the world in countries such as: Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, USA… the list goes on and on

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A devastating new caller that any fox controller shouldn’t be without

As an experienced hunter you already know that rabbit and small rodent distress calls are the most effective ways of attracting foxes within range.

But what you won’t know is that Best Fox Caller SS is probably one of the most innovative and efficient mouth callers on the market today.

Tried and Tested…

Based on a design that has been used by thousands of fox shooters, the NEW Stainless Steel Best Fox Call has been developed by fox shooters – for fox shooters, wherever you are in the world.

Mimicking the distress cries of a wounded or dying rodent, the Stainless Steel Best Fox Caller is not only great for calling foxes from long range in the open countryside it can also be used for the quieter, close-up work.

In fact, mouth-blown rabbit distress calls are probably accountable for more dead foxes than any other type of caller – and The Best Fox Caller SS is surely the best of its type on the market today.

18 reviews for Best Fox Call Stainless SS

  1. Andy Brooker Brook

    I bought a stainless BFC from Rob and it completely changed the game in my favour. The BFC stainless can be loud and raspy or you can tone it down by just breathing in to it softer, once mastered it will be without doubt the first one you reach for on your lanyard.

    Depending on how the fox reacts you can use the bfc in conjunction with your other calls with great success, I always start out by using the bfc stainless and a lot of the time they just come in like a train and its a job to stop them, Other times then can need coaxing in, i do this by softening the pitch on the BFC and then using a higher pitch squeak. If i could only have one call it would without doubt be the BFC stainless.

    I never often review things unless its well worth my time reviewing them and the BFC stainless is in that bracket. It wouldnt be a complete review if i didnt mention the excellent service from Rob either, always helpful and provides a fast service.

  2. Richard

    Having never called or shot a fox before I tried the stainless steel caller which I picked up on Friday from the shooting show. Went out last night with in 5 mins I had three foxes with in 50yards of me! Two less foxes now in Suffolk!! Fantastic

  3. Chris burr

    Brilliant service from this company and the calls are well made, just have to wait to get out with them when things have dried up a bit! Got good expectations! Thanks a lot for the excellent service.

  4. Leonard Rasmussen Calling Foxes

    Well i use the best fox calls the whole time,there my go to calls, callers on ya neck all ways a winner,

    the SS i find great on windie nights, its harsh raspie call tares trough the air and pullls in the foxes nicely

    The original is a cracking call,you can control it pitch by biting down,its the st call i start calling with in and location

    The hen call is a great call for switching to if ya think the fox is loosing interest or warrie of a caller,give a nice pip and up come the foxes head for the shot

    the best fox call range is by far market leader, Calling foxes group use these callers along with the good aul palm of the hand on many of our contracts on large sporting estates in co.wicklow ireland

    Keep up the good work best fox call

  5. Dan

    Since receiving my call the day after I placed the order I’ve been out with it 3 times.

    Twice for the last hour of light and once this evening after dark. The daylight sessions were on a permission where the foxes are heavily controlled and very wary. I had a show each time although neither fox was shootable. The foxes on that ground are as cagey and cautious as they come and I was really impressed.

    This evening, on another piece of ground where they’ve been left alone, but have caused some problems lately, the results were fantastic. Two foxes turned up within seconds. I shot one and retrieved it as the other had disappeared. After an hour or so I went back to the same field to see if the other fox was around. I wasn’t very confident of getting a result as it knew what was going on by now. I blew the call no more than a dozen times and had a scan of the field and the second fox from earlier was coming in, although it was obviously very wary. It didn’t like the lamp and was heading away again but I stopped it with the call long enough to get a shot off at around 100 yards. It just couldn’t ignore it!

    A dog and vixen in the bag with only around 20 calls in total.

    I’ve found it works best for me without covering the sides up with my fingers and the tip of my tongue right near the edge of the small hole.

    I suppose that’s the good thing about it, different people make different sounds with it. It beats everything else I’ve tried hands down so far.

    Outstanding product and excellent service. Thanks!

  6. Burt Breakwell

    A great little call that produces a raspy death chilling sound that has the foxes coming in looking for a easy meal. The range of volume can be changed by different blowing styles but does need a bit of practice to master this great call. Plenty of practice and spit and the foxes will be homing in for you. A different sort of sound compared to most other calls on the market so that weary fox may just come in for a look!.

  7. Gav

    I had a problem with foxes stealing chickens and ducks – I was trying other fox callers but I was getting nowhere. I checked the net and saw this caller on youtube thought it was worth a go.

    I got the call yesterday morning and praticed all day till I got it to work right, went out last night and called four foxes in straight away – and shot 3 of them! Cant wait to get out tonight!! I will not be going foxing without this kit in future.

  8. Steve

    This call once mastered is terrific.Took me two week’s then first time out a fow within two minutes. Called in three more and got another one .

    My mate who had been laughing at my efforts Bought one the next day.

    Also great fun at parties if you don’t mind sharing spit. !!!


  9. Ross

    This is by far the best fox call I have ever used! Just a few rasping shrieks and it brings every fox within ear shot right to you. The first time I ever used this product I was amazed just how quickly it worked, and within a few minutes I had three foxes sat within easy range! Every fox shooter should have one of these, its almost too easy! BUY ONE NOW…. it will be the best few quid you have spent in a long time.

  10. Anthony barnett

    Once you master the call it works really well calling in foxes from all over my ground , the raspy sound works well for long distance foxes drawing them in , highly recommended

  11. nick Julian

    This caller takes a little practice to master but put simply it has produced foxes in areas i have previously not even seen one!

  12. Ben Chenery

    This call has great tone and the volume you can get is amazing so for the big open spaces its great.

    Not the easiest call to master but once you get it there is no stopping those foxes and its well worth the effort to learn how to ‘play it’.

    Also being stainless no problems with rusting and its virtually indestructible.

  13. James Linari-Linholm

    Probably the most consistent call I’ve used and very versatile too- I brought a vixen from at least 400 yards to about 120 last Friday night, and she was still coming in when I shot her. Capable of deafening hare screams to little coaxing squeaks with practice – phenomenal piece of kit.

  14. Sean benstead

    i purchesed the Stainless steel best fox call a while ago and after trying to get it to work i gave up and put it in the draw as i couldnt use it at all but i kept going back to it and trying after telling a friend i couldnt use it he showed how it was done and hey presto i was holding it wrong all along , I then got a phone call from a farmer saying they had a fox problem and could i go and see if could sort them out for them , so off i went with my Stainless Steel Best fox Call and sitting by a tree during the day a started calling and low and behold a fox was looking out the bushes at me i shot that and started calling again 10 minuets later another fox started walking across the field and i sorted that one out too, I then packed up and went home but arranged to go back that night to lamp the farm and accounted for another 5 foxes that evening and since then i have taken 72 foxes off the same farm in 7 months this really is a fantastic fox call and every fox shooter should have one with them when they go shooting

  15. Hunter Eddie

    Once you master this call it will bring in every fox in the area.Its a great little call for long distance and short range calling.A must for your foxing kit.

  16. Dave Corneby

    After loosing an incredible amount of snot & slobber on learning how to blow this call, it was well worth the effort. It just fell into place, then its down to you to make minor adjustments to adjust tone and volume. Certainly brings the fox’s in

  17. Michael Richardson

    I bought the best SS Fox Call at the shooting show in Stoneleigh more of just a cheap something from the exhibition.

    The guys at the show gave me a quick demo of how to use it and on the journey home drove my mates wild with it, after a few days I was getting a good sound out of it.

    At the weekend a fox attacked and killed 8 of our chickens including our cockerel named Henry.

    I knew that action was needed and as foxes are in family groups there would be more, so out came the SS Fox Call, after a few minuets of blowing in came the first which was taken out, I was gobsmacked to find another within a short while longer.

    The next night I did the same, out came this little stainless steel gadget and a few blows later Charlie popped over the fence 3 down.

    The next night about the same time the gem that I had bought at the show came out again, BINGO !! again it did the job.

    The best thing about the SS fox call, it works, it really works, you will never break it.

    Now every night before bed I give it a few blows, if no foxes turn up it’s because they are not there, and I can rest knowing that my chickens will be safe when at work the next day.

    If you want to shoot foxes it’s a best buy

  18. Paul Woody (verified owner)

    BRILLIANT! takes a bit of practice to use it correctly, the YouTube video was well worth viewing a few times, and had a bit of a laugh trying to suss it. But what a excellent caller. I’ve been using the original plastic mouth caller previous to this and not got the return I have with this caller, combine them both, eyes in the back of your head will be needed! Super caller. Well worth the money

    • robc

      Thanks for the feedback Paul! Keep us posted how you get on!

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