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Sniper Hog

SniperHog Predator Pro Mount


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With the Predator Pro Mount, your Coyote Cannon (or 66LRX!) can be easily mounted to a 35mm, 30mm or 1″ scope tube or Weaver/Picatinny rail.

You can adjust the distance the light sits from your gun/scope

The mount also has a rotational olive within the part that attaches to the torch – meaning you can adjust for windage and elevation adjustments to get the your beam lined up perfectly with your scope.

This is a rock solid mount with a Quick release thumbscrew for easy mounting and dismounting from your rifle.

Scope Height Options

We’ve been asked a few times about what height you can mount the your torch above your scope – so to answer this, see the chart / diagrams below. The mount can be set at 4 heights – Low, Medium, High and Extra High. This is achieved using the blocks that are included in the box. Actual measurements are shown in the chart below the diagrams.


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