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Devastating Double 4


Buy the Devastating Double 4 – the SS and the WHAM together – and save over 10% at the same time!

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The Best Fox Call SS

A superb long range call…

Based on a design that has been used by thousands of fox shooters, the NEW Stainless Steel Best Fox Call has been developed by fox shooters – for fox shooters.

Mimicking the distress cries of a wounded or dying rodent, the Stainless Steel Best Fox Caller is not only great for calling foxes from long range in the open countryside it can also be used for the quieter, close-up work.

Brass WHAM Fox Caller

This caller stands head and shoulders above any other of this type… The fine brass plate from which it’s made gives the WAM a soft squeal that is irresistible to Charlie. A favourite of Gamekeepers for years – and a welcome addition to our stable of tried and tested callers.