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Mjoelner Hunting FENRIS II CARBON FIBRE Quad Sticks

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Brand New from Mjoelner Hunting!

FENRIS II Carbon Fibre Quads

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The Mjoelner Hunting FENRIS Quad Sticks have proven themselves to up there with the best quads on the market – and now they’re even better…

Introducing the FENRIS II CARBON FIBRE Quad Sticks

At only 750gms, the BRAND NEW CARBON FIBRE Fenris Quads are so light, you’ll hardly know you’re carrying them.

Being Carbon Fibre, not only are these extremely lightweight and strong – but they’re also “warm” to the touch making them easier and more pleasant to carry around with you.

Providing a rock-solid shooting platform with a huge variety of possibilities regardless of the terrain and shooting positions.

The Mjoelner Hunting Quad Sticks can be used standing, kneeling or sitting, thanks to the cleverly designed “cam” system – meaning the cradles will always remain solid regardless of what height you’re shooting at.

The Mk II Quads have been simplified and now come with 4 extension tubes for you taller guys – adding an extra 12cms (approx 5″) to the overall length of each leg.


  • Super lightweight – only 750gsm
  • Ergonomic Contoured silicone handgrips provide a nonslip comfortable hold and also prevent any “clatter” from the legs when stalking.
  • Silicon covers on the cradles provide a secure and silent support for your rifle.
  • Silicone gun straps secures your gun in waiting situations and makes target switching fast and easy.
  • Paracord foot strap / loop allowing hands free operation meaning you can stand and wait and have both hands free for calling / scanning with thermal or binos.

Available in black (they’re carbon fibre after all!) – exclusively in the UK from bestfoxcall.co.uk


  • Material: Carbon Fibre legs, Silicone Grip and Gun rest.
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 160cms as standard, 172cms with extension pieces fitted.

What’s the difference between the various models..? Watch the video!

1 review for Mjoelner Hunting FENRIS II CARBON FIBRE Quad Sticks

  1. James K (verified owner)

    These are my first pair of sticks that haven’t been garden canes tied at the top. I’d tried various other quad stick systems belonging to friends but was drawn towards giving these a go, so took the plunge.

    I’ve used these now for everything from rabbiting, to foxing and deer stalking and they have been spot on in every regard. Beautifully lightweight and thanks to the carbon they aren’t freezing cold to the touch on the colder nights/mornings.

    Nice and easy to rapidly open, they don’t whistle or clank like some of the metal systems. The rubber bands for securing a rifle to the sticks I initially thought was a bit of a gimmick, but having experimented with them I’ve found them to actually be quite useful. Haven’t had need to use the leg extensions as yet, I’m around the 6’1″ mark and it’s perfect for me.

    With regards to shooting stability, rock solid and easy to manoeuvre around as needed, I will caveat this that I’ve only had need to shoot from standing so far, so can’t comment on using them for kneeling shots.

    So far, couldn’t be happier with them.

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