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The ICOtec Sabre vs. NightStalker…

What is the main difference between the new ICOtec Sabre and the Night Stalker?

The Sabre has the ability to play one sound at a time. The Night Stalker can play two sounds at the same time with independent pause buttons.

They both have two favourites screens with ten sounds per screen.

They both have the ability to download and store up to 500 sounds internally. They both have day and night time screen modes. The Sabre includes 280 professional sounds. The Night Stalker includes 240 sounds, 50 are Tony Tebbe sounds.

They both use the same speaker and the same amplifier. They both accept the new ICOtec C4 Power House Rechargeable lithium battery. They both play .gcx (ICOtec free library sound format), .wav and .mp3 file formats.

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