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Safety Gun Strap (SGS) – TRACKING HUNTER V2

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Brand New to the UK – the SAFETY GUN STRAP from Harpsöe Sweden.

The Safety Gun Strap Tracking Hunter is the TOP level version of this excellent new product.

The most popular version of the Safety Gun Strap, The TRACKING HUNTER has non slip RUBBERISED webbing throughout – meaning no matter how challenging the ground – or how heavy your rifle, it’s going to be held secure on your back!

Works with any rifle sling – and keeps your rifle safe and secure on your back.


The Safety Gun Strap Tracking Hunter V2 is the TOP level version of this excellent new product from Harpsöe Sweden

The most popular version of the Safety Gun Strap, The TRACKING HUNTER has non slip RUBBERISED webbing throughout – meaning no matter how challenging the ground – or how heavy your rifle, it’s going to be held secure on your back!

Basic, Hybrid or Tracking Hunter..?

You’ve probably noticed that there’s three versions of the SGS available – so what’s the difference? It’s mostly down to the webbing material used in the strap – but the following info should explain it better.
VERSION Webbing Material Colours Sizes
HYBRID SMOOTH (Rubberised on Sling Attachment) Black, Green, Orange, Pink XS-S | S – XXL | XXXL
TRACKING HUNTER Rubberised Non Slip on all Webbing Black XS-S | S – XXL | XXXL

Check out these links for the HYBRID and TRACKING HUNTER versions

The Safety Gun Strap is a very well made, simple solution that keeps your rifle exactly where you want it – on your shoulder. No more tie-ing up one hand trying to keep your rifle steady!

What’s more, you can use the Safety Gun Strap with virtually any third party sling so if you have a favourite sling – no problem – and it’s really simple to swap between rifles.

It’s also really easy to adjust meaning you can use the strap regardless of where you’re hunting and how many layers of clothing you’re wearing…

How it works…

The Safety Gun Strap consists of two parts:
Part 1: Short strap with Velcro and the male section of the quick release buckle. This part is attached to your rifle sling.
Part 2: Long strap with paracord loop, adjustment buckle and the female section of the quick release buckle. Using the paracord loop, this part is attached to the pistol grip of your rifle.

Once assembled, the Safety Gun Strap will hold your rifle securely on your back, distributing the weight more evenly and preventing it slipping or falling forwards due to the weight of a varmint barrel / moderator. You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable this simple product makes carrying your rifle!

Attaching your Safety Gun Strap

The Short strap fixes around your existing rifle sling and is secured with Velcro. The longer strap is attached to the pistol grip of your rifle
When you put your rifle on your shoulder, you then reach behind and bring the longer strap and attach it to the shorter strap using the QR Buckle.
There are many ways in which you can use the SGS including:

Cross Chest Strap: – Attach the short section as far up as possible on your sling. – and with the rifle on your shoulder, slide it down to the front of
your shoulder. This will result in the SGS running across your chest.

Waist Strap: If you are wearing a bino harness or chest pack, attach the shorter strap lower on your sling. The SGS then becomes more like a belt (around the waist) and the weight from your rifle ends up on your hips instead of on the back and shoulders.

Choosing the right size…

Note: Size S-XXL is suitable around 80% of hunters.
A simple way to determine the size you need is as follows. Make sure you are wearing the type of clothing you would typically wear when out shooting! (This is for a right handed hunter, with the rifle over the right shoulder).
Using a tape measure, place one end on the top right hand corner of your chest, at your collar bone – approximately where your rifle sling would sit. Take the tape measure diagonally down across your chest and to a mid point in the small of your back. This will give you an indication of how long the strap needs to be.

The Safety Gun Strap Basic is available in three sizes XS-S | S – XXL | XXXL

  • XS-S 18″-26″ (45-67cm)
  • S-XXL 22″-34″ (57-88cm)
  • XXXL–> 29″-47″ (73-119cm)

Suitable for rifle slings 3/4″-3″ (20-80cm) wide

Check out the video from Harpsoe Sweden

How not to cross a burn – but showing how solid the SGS is!

10 reviews for Safety Gun Strap (SGS) – TRACKING HUNTER V2

  1. Juha Weckman

    I have been using this strap for 2 years hunting in Scandinavian weather and it fulfills it’s task in a superb way!

  2. Daniel Dixon

    Absolutely love this strap, I’ve been using it the past month or so and it has totally transformed my hunting. Using my binoculars whilst stalking or my thermal when night hunting has become so much easier with this strap. The quality is amazing and the price is even better, I won’t leave the house without it now ans I highly recommend it

  3. Matt Munro

    I’ve been using this strap while hunting Roe bucks in Scotland for the last few weeks, I have been crossing many different terrains like ditches, small rivers, clear fells, fences and crawling under spruce trees. This strap is superb, it holds the rifle perfectly on my shoulder and even while clambering around in the rough stuff it just doesn’t move. Its also super quick to detach upon seeing a buck and getting ready for the shot which is great. I also like the way it keeps the muzzle pointing straight up so whilst glassing the ground and turning around you know the barrel is always pointing in a safe direction. It’s a must have for the active stalker in my opinion.

  4. Paul Massam (verified owner)

    Great but if kit. Rifle feels so secure and no longer need one hand to hold it in position. The grip of the non-slip is really impressive. Still working out the best way to set it up and avoid the bipod digging into my back but that’s a question of experimenting, which you can do with this strap unlike those that are sewn onto the sling.

  5. Paul Hadfield (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of kit. Comforatble and easy to use. Keeps my rifle firmly in place leaving hands free. Highly recommened.

  6. Stuart Henshaw

    The strap does what exactly what it’s designed for , everyone that seen it at work wants one, sticks and night vision are used with ease while the gun sits perfectly on the shoulder while scanning and walking. Would recommend the largest size for winter wear on a larger shooter.

  7. Nick Thompson (verified owner)

    Such a simple concept, but works so well and quickly transferable between rifles. Glad I bought the Trekking-Hunter version as it’s very secure due to the rubberised webbing. Very well designed, produced and looks good. Great quality kit!

  8. Phil Bogdanovski (verified owner)

    This is the first Safety Gun Strap that I have bought and I have to say, what6 a bit of kit!
    I have already recommended it to all the guys that I go Deer stalking with, not to mention the foxing team…

    No doubt you will be receiving several more orders for these now!

    Many Thanks Rob (your video review really sold it to me)

  9. John Daly (verified owner)

    Used last night for the first time, excellent bit of kit. Throughly recommended. Why didn’t I get this sooner!!

  10. Gary Tansey (verified owner)

    I’ll start off firstly by saying I’m not normally a review person, secondly I’m also fussy, so here’s my thoughts.
    First and foremost this safety gun strap is fantastic, I’d definitely be lost without it now. I do a lot of shooting from vehicles and stalking, so when im not in my vehicle this totally free’s up my hands and ideal for when you’ve got some footwork to do, also tackling obstacles , using binos, loading mags etc etc, it just makes things an absolute breeze. I can stress how simple and useful this strap is, makes carrying your rifle so comfortable and then when it’s time to use the rifle it clips open easily and quietly and then also easy to clip back together when its time to move. This is definitely a solid 10 out of 5 stars!

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