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Sniper Hog from bestfoxcall

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Introducing the Sniper Hog 66LRX

Simply the brightest, best built LED torch we have ever used…

We don’t make statements like that without believing them – and having demo’d these torches to some well respected Foxers, they’re all of the same opinion. The Sniper Hog 66LRX is superbly built, very bright – and very controllable. We’ve “specced” it here in the UK with the dimmer switch as standard giving you fine control over the very clear beam. Trust us on this one – you’ll be blown away!

The basic package comes with
1 x 66LRX torch
1 – Dimmer tail switch allowing, smooth, fully adjustable power from 10% to 100%.
1 x Remote wired Eliminator switch that you can turn the light on half power or full power and works both as a pressure switch and on/off switch.
1 x LED module installed in the light in your choice of colour (Red, Green, White, IR).
(LED modules can be changed in the light in just seconds as it simply screws in and out – no special tools required.)
1 – Rubber lens cover to protect the lens when not in use.

Please Note: Batteries, charger and mount not included. We will be supplying these separately in time – but most of you guys already have a supply of 18650 batteries so we decided not to force you buy something you already have!

Super Fast LED Change…

Changing the LED in the 66LRX is easy, quick and doesn’t require any special tools – check out the video…


  • Adjustable focus so you can go from a flood beam to spot beam allowing you to put just the right amount of light on your target. Only takes about 3/4 turn of the head to go from full flood to full spot beam.
  • Interchangeable LED modules so you can easily change the colour.
  • Runs on 1 18650 Rechargeable battery. (available separately if you don’t already have some!)
  • Max distances each color will shine in yards: Red: 720, Green = 744, White = 1023, IR = 1700 using a Gen 3 scope and 500 yards with digital night vision.
  • Can be easily mounted to a 30mm or 1″ scope tube or rail with our optional Windage and Elevation mount (not included.)
  • 5 year warranty on the housing and LED. 2 years on any external wiring, switches and mounts, 1 year on batteries and charger.

Buy Additional LEDs…

Sniper Hog Lights from bestfoxcall – don’t get left in the dark

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barry Williams

    Easily the best torch I’ve owned. Both red light and ir outshine all of my previous torches by a long way.

    Add to that the fact it is built like a tank and you’ve got a winner.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eddie Hunter

    Had or used most of the torches on the market and the Sniper hog is just perfect for my needs.
    Only one battery,it’s light,easy to change pills(leds) in field and very bright used with my Nitesite in Ir.
    The red sees well over 300 yards and very crisp.
    The bracket is also fantastic which needs no tools so perfect in the field.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ive compared the sniper hog against a few of its competitors and for me it comes out on top
    -build quality
    -cleanliness of light
    -flood to spot adjustment
    Are just a few reasons why it’s one of the best on the market , the on off dimmer switch is very nice , led pills are very easy to change . Such a versatile torch can be used from ratting right upto long range foxing .

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gareth Roberts

    Always been old school,and for years used the NM800’s. After biting the bullet and being let down with a demo of a wicked light, I bought the Sniper Hog with a red and ir pill, red for the .243 and scope, ir for the Pulsar N750. I’m really impressed with the kit, red is crisp, clear and really bright, the ir is fantastic on the Pulsar too. Good quality build, very fast pill change, love the zoom to flood in one easy twist and the dimmer is great too, and it’s a lot lighter than the NM.
    I won’t leave the house without this essential piece of kit, highly recommended.

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